Finding spirituality within business success on a free online yoga site.

My name is Dave Teitler and the site you have just landed on is a free online yoga site.

By free online yoga site I mean free. We want nothing from you except your attention.

This site deals with much more than yoga. It is a compilation of my 40 years experience in business success, spirituality and my practice of yoga tai chi and karate. It is about finding spirituality in today’s world while living in it. I talk about the value of meditation and its relationship to the discovery of your true nature. Can you integrate business success with meditation yoga and tai chi? What does business success really mean to the seeker? Is it measured in dollars? Or does it mean providing a workplace conducive to your employee’s growth as people.

The word homecoming can imply the road back to the source, but why would we be drawn home? Apparently we have this subconscious desire to seek out the real us. That part of us which is at the core of our being. That part of us which could be called our soul. That part of us linked to the divine. That part of us that perennially lives in a blissful state of silence witnessing our journey.

Why seek out a site such as Maybe subconsciously you felt the need or desire to understand what is at the core of your being. It’s no secret that yoga is one of these doorways opening up to our true nature. It’s not unusual for a practioner of yoga or tai chi to experience the need to change some things in their lives during the first few months into their practice. Maybe a more healthful diet, maybe a more appreciative workplace. This is the first sign that the body and mind are opening up into a state of relaxation contusive to the journey inward. In essence we are going forward on a road leading backward. Going forward facing backward, opening up, stretching, extending, relaxing, being breathed, becoming part of the whole.

This morning, while taking a walk, my mind was so full of thoughts that I didn’t hear the birds singing. This may not appear as much, but hearing the birds singing is a spiritual experience. I like to define spirituality as our link to nature, the universe or God, and being engrossed in the singing of the birds is a beautiful thing.

Can you find a path to your spirituality on a free online yoga site? I think you can. See for yourself.

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