Purpose Statement

This website is devoted to the process of assisting internal arts practitioners with their self-development. There is no store on this web site. No products of any kind are sold here. We do not accept advertising of any kind and we won’t ask for your e-mail address in order to provide information.

We will put forth a new article or DVD on a weekly basis. The topics of these articles and DVDs range in focus from how yoga really works to insights on running a successful business. The current seminar and lecture is “Yoga, Truth and Destiny.”

This first seminar follows the internal path of yoga. It reveals how truth can manifest in our daily lives once we get in touch with the perfection within. The deeper one goes, the more truthful life becomes. You no longer are truthful because it is the right thing to do, but for you, with your deep connection with yourself, it is the only thing to do. With this deep connection, your destiny is revealed and you automatically know which path to follow. Through the discovery of my own true nature I am following my destiny in operating this web site. It is now so clear, whereas many years ago I would never have considered this path.

Some articles will be devoted to the attributes discovered in our practice, and their beneficial role in running a successful business. I will cover the realistic problems I have faced in handling my own business, such as the successful negotiation of a contract with our warehouse employees. As I began to get in touch with my heart center, my desire to engage and communicate with the people around me increased. I made it a point to visit the warehouse on a daily basis, just to be there. I always spoke to everyone, and personally handed out bonus checks at the end of the year. Much of the staff had been with me for twenty to thirty years. When the company was sold and the need for a new contract was expressed, I personally met with the employees and outlined the parameters of our offer. When the time came to vote, the new contract was signed on the spot — our employees knew that we had gotten them the best possible deal. There was no animosity since we were working toward a common goal and our relationship was genuine. Bear in mind, I was only following my own true nature.

Through lectures, articles and DVDs, I hope to give to you the experiences and understandings obtained through the integration of mind, body, and spirit. We can all aspire to become complete human beings by following the ritualistic disciplines of the internal arts.