Weekly Lecture

Making Money

Making Money Everyone, or almost everyone wants to make money. In this article I will give some pointers on how to put together a plan, which if followed closely will help you, start to increase your wealth. First lets go over some parameters. You need to balance out the two forces yin and yang that dominates our universe. You will need a meditation cushion or suitable chair with a straight back. You can sit on the floor as long as you support your back. Now after getting set go keep a record of your interactions have that day and how you handled them. Bear in mind that you will be meditating daily in order train the mind to let your thoughts quiet down. Once your thoughts have slowed down and you feel relaxed, scan your body both inside and outside. Focus on your breath and feel the way the breath breaths you. Sit in meditation at approx the same time daily focusing on the movements of the body due to the breath Once you have developed a daily practice of meditation you will notice that you are slowly changing the way you look at life. New ideas keep popping up. New values surface. You care about morals and ethics and feel closer to the universe. This is the time to think about the possibility of acting more beneficial with respect to becoming a giver. Give of yourself and don’t look for instant gratifying. Give of yourself not just money but giving in general. Above all don’t ask for money. Let the universe meet your needs. Money and giving will become a part of you. You will find that giving is more important and brings with it a sense of joy. Have patience and your needs will be fulfilled. To be continued